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Dream jobs on prezi by Işınsu Coşkun(6B)

27 May

Hello Miss Yıldırım, This is my prezi about jobs. I learnt using prezi but it was very difficult. I hope you like it.

Işınsu Coşkun 6/B


Paralympics&Olympic sports on prezi

25 May

2 weeks ago,we worked on Paralympics&Olympic sports and Dilşah,Seyit Halil and Bade in 6-B produced this prezi.


The prezi ‘Chocolate’ by Can Hamurcu(6B)

24 May


Jobs 4 kids by Zeynep,Buse&Beste

23 May

Famous pictures(prezi) by Erdem,Pelin,Setenay&Buse Ceren

23 May

Prezi about ‘Famous pictures’

Dvolver by Dilşah

17 May

Animals/Voki by Dilşah

17 May